Meet Melissa

Hi,  Glitter Junkiez LLC started in June 2017!! I have always been a crafty person, I have always enjoyed doing crafts. When I picked up custom tumbler making I was not thrilled with the regular color selections it seemed like every store had. This is when Glitter Junkiez happened originally started as a group of with the hopes of finding a few girls to split the cost of glitter with to bring in awesome colors nobody had as well as reasonable pricing. All I can say is that quickly changed. We are a home-based business as well as I still hold down a full-time Monday - Friday job. Aside from work  I am a wife & mother as well. Everyone I know tells me they have no clue how I do it. I can say my life is definitely fast pace but I have never known any different... I must say with each year I gain to my age though I start to enjoy vacation a little more and more!  As I always say, I am here to help if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can reach us via email at or phone/text 910-719-3123