Q: When do order ship?

A: Orders that come in Monday - Friday before 11AM ship out same day typically       and  orders after next business day..  Please note weekends do not count as         business days.

Q: When do Monthly Glitter Boxes (Subscription Boxes) Ship?

A: Subscription boxes typically ship between 10th-15th day each month.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We are online only so our hours of availability vary.

Q: Can I add to my existing order I placed already?

A: Please understand while we wish we could add onto your existing order that
    makes it very hard for us. Usually when we are packing orders we are   
    headstrong into the order getting it packed and out the door we typically do not
    have time to  stop and think hey was I suppose to combine this with another.        order… So  unfortunately we can NOT. You can place another order and add a
    note and if we happen to combine we will refund shipping. Please note by
    adding the note this  is no way guaranteeing that your order will be combine.

Q: Website Restocks?

A: Glitter typically restocks once every month, We know in the past we have sold
    out super fast we are working to fix that. 

Q: Why do some glitters cost more than others?

A: Glitters come in all different shapes/sizes and from several different locations.
    We have picked up quite a bit of US suppliers with that being said they already
    have markup on their glitter we are purchasing. BUT its high quality, and arrives
    faster, therefore we have to sale at a little higher price.

    Chunky glitters are higher as well because of the mix of glitters added to them       as well as special cuts.

    While these price increases are only slightly we still sale below many other  
    retailers to help keep our motto “Quality glitter at Reasonable prices” in full

Q: Missing Items on Order?

A: Were human and mistakes do happen. If you receive your order and its missing
     items you have 24 hours from delivery time to notify us via the bottom right
     contact button on website.. We need

  • order number which can be found on your invoice
  • email ordered
  • item/items missing.

    We will issue you store credit or refund for the item. Please let us know which
    you prefer.

Q: Damaged Items / Missing Packages?

A: At Checkout you have the option to choose first class (which has no insurance)
    or priority shipping which comes with insurance. We are NOT responsible for
    packages once they have been handed over to shipping company. 


Q: Return Policy?

A:  All sales are final! If we do accept a return there is a 25% restocking fee! 


Q: Do you offer Sales/Coupon Codes?

A: Every once in a while we will offer random coupon codes for additional off your
    order. These are random and there are no heads up. If you place an order     
    before a sale we can NOT go back and issue you a credit if a sale starts the     
    next day.

Still have questions? Contact us via email at orders@glitterjunkiez.com