Glitter Junkiez is owned & operated by Melissa Reynolds. Melissa started Glitter Junkiez in early 2017 in hopes of having a few girls get together and split the purchase of quality glitter so they could get awesome colors & quality without having to pay as if they were buying gold!  It all stemmed from her hobby of custom glitter tumblers. It seemed finding a great variety of glitter colors were so hard to find, and anything super beautiful and chunky would cost you $8-$12 an oz, sometimes only 1/4 oz for that price. That has quickly changed with Glitter Junkiez; at Glitter Junkiez you can get most chunky glitters for under $6 an oz!
Melissa says, “ It seems like it took off over night, it’s still a dream really.”
Before they knew it Glitter Junkiez Facebook group had grown to almost 10k members! If you’re not a part of their Facebook group you should be, they share many great ideas and tutorials there, as well as have a lot of fun showing how to use our awesome products!
Glitter Junkiez main goal is to offer quality glitter, at prices that will not break the bank, and they do just that! They have superior customer service, low prices & top quality glitter.  Glitter Junkiez offers all glitters in increments of 1oz by weight.
Glitter Junkiez glitter is all  QUALITY polyester (PET) glitter unless specified in the item description. Glitter Junkiez also offers Pigments, Solar Dust, Thermal Dust, and more which are weighed out by grams as well as stainless drinkware and much more.