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We are taking things different directions! We used to offer a blind monthly subscription box where you did not know what was coming to you! We decided there was just to to to many Glitter sellers now offering them so we wanted to change it up a bit! You can now checkout our "VIP Saving" Which drafts your account each month but instead of waiting for the box to ship at the end of the month you will get a coupon code within 24 hours after payment so you can purchase ANYTHING from our site, Get what you WANT and NEED! 


We still wanted to offer some type of monthly box! We decided to do Monthly Jam Boxes each month you will see below what is coming in that box for that month! It will be Jam Packed with neat things. You can then decide if you want the box for that month or not! It will work in the same sense of the subscription box with you can only order it within X days of the month... we will gather all the supplies to make the boxes and they will ship by X day! 

Please make sure you see that boxes description for that information!