Marabu Easy Marble - Reseda Green

Marabu Easy Marble - Reseda Green

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All you'll need is water! Easy Marble paints from Marabu allow you to create unique marble immersion effects on a variety of flat and dimensional objects in just seconds.

  • Solvent-base paint
  • Dry to the touch in 15 minutes
  • Covers everything from paper to glass
  • Lightfast and weatherproof
  • Made in Germany

How does it work? Simply add a few drops of color into water, dip the object you want marbled, and voila - you're finished! Multiple colors can be added at once to the water and a skewer can be used to swirl patterns in the colors.

One 15mL container of Marabu marble paint.

**You must seal this product with an waterbased brush-on sealer such as Mod Podge Clear Gloss  before adding epoxy! Make sure to do a few good solid coats! **

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